Noritz EZTR40 Tankless


Introducing the new tankless water heater by Noritz

Replaces your existing old style tank-type water heater


Why go tankless?

  1. Endless hot water that never runs out.
  2. Uses your existing 1/2″ gas line.
  3. Uses less energy than traditional water heaters.
  4. Top water connection saves time & money.
  5. Green energy, over 50% less carbon use.
  6. Saves space (turn that closet into a pantry).
  7. Installations in one day.

Whats included in the Installation:

  • Delivery new Noritz EZTR40 tankless unit
  • Water connections & Isolation kit
  • Gas valve & connection
  • 25′ flue (vent) piping
  • 20′ Copper type M pipe & fittings
  • Pressure safety valve & connectors
  • System purge and start-up
  • Operation, care & safety explained to customer
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