Mobile Homes


Why do I need to use a Manufactured Housing water heater in my mobile home?

Is it approved for mobile home use?

Mobile home water heaters will have a CSA and H.U.D. safety approval label(s) attached to the water heater. Anything else used for a mobile home is against the law and will void the manufacturer’s warranty. insurance companies may refuse to pay a claim or terminate your coverage. Make sure a replacement water heater that is specifically made for manufactured homes is used in your mobile home.

Why does a mobile home water heater cost more?

Mobile home water heaters usually cost 20% – 25% more than standard housing units. They are made different, they have water inlet and outlet ports on the top and the sides. Also mobile home water heaters will usually be smaller in diameter. Gas units will draw the fresh air from the bottom of the unit rather than the sides, but the newer models may differ from this design. These water heaters are CSA & HUD certified for use only in a manufactured housing (mobile homes) these water heaters usually have a special devise called “Air/Fuel shut-off devise” which disables the water heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation.

NOTE: Many mobile home water heaters will come with a propane or natural gas conversion kit included with the heater, so the installation technician can easily make that change depending on what type of gas your using.

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