Hybrid Heat-Pump

What is a hybrid water heater, and how do they save money?

Heat Pump water heaters are about three times more efficient than a standard electric water heater. These style water heaters give you a lower cost per gallon of hot water than any other type water heater gas or electric, even lower than a gas tankless style water heater.

The new heat pump (Hybrid) water heaters conserves energy with up to 3.39 Energy Factor (EF) ratings. AO Smith & Bradford White Hybrid water heaters have the highest savings among all other brands tested. A heat pump water heater draws heat from the surrounding air and stores it in the water. It uses heat that’s already there. Sacramento has the perfect climate for a heat pump water heater, this area does not experience extreme cold.

The average cost to replace a standard tank-type 50 gallon electric water heater is $1400, our cost to install a new electric GE hybrid is only $2300, thats a differance of $900. It would take about than two years to recoup this extra cost between a hybrid and a conventional water heater, and many more years of saving money after that, plus a Hybrid water heater last longer than a standard electric conventional unit. SMUD offers a rebate of $1000, good till 12/31/2016. Water Heater Pros can replace your old energy burning water heater with a new GE Electric Hybrid water heater for only $2300 plus tax and permit fees or an AO Smith electric Hybrid for only $2400 plus tax and permit cost.
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Actual Installation
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