Gas vs Electic



Water Heaters are a key appliance in the modern home, so confronting the question of what kind of heater to get is a must in replacements, remodeling jobs and new home construction. Circumstances in the United States, such
as the ready availablility of cheap natural gas, usually favor the use of a gas water heater over an electric water heater.

Cost of Use

The typical gas water heater can heat 50 gallons of water from 55 to 105 degrees F for about 17 cents. A 4500 watt electric water heater does the same job for about 49 cents.


The same gas water heater requires about 30 minutes to heat about 40 gallons of water from 55 to 105 degres F. The same 4500 watt electric water heater will need twice as long.


Gas water heaters use steel tanks with glass or ceramic linings that are prone to corrosion. Electric heaters can use plastic tanks that are not prone to corrosion.

Cost per Unit

Electric water heater cost about 20% less to purchase and less to install than gas water heaters.

Life Expectancy

Electric water heater in areas where the minerals are low in the water can last up to 14-years, electric water heater used where water is high in minerals may only last 6 to 10 years. Gas water heaters usually last 12-years, water softners can increase the life expectancy of all water heaters life by 25%.



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