Flush Your Tank

Simple 5-minute flush per year

Minerals build-up inside your tank

Double your tanks life in five minutes

So seldom overlooked, yes you can double your water heater life simply by flushing your water heater tank, once a year in the Sacramento areas, it only takes 5-minutes.

A small amount of sediment build-up probably won’t. But a large amount definitely can.
A deep layer of sediment in the tank can cause these issues:

  • Slow heat transfer to the water, causing the water heater to overheat. Overheating can damage the inner lining and weaken the steel tank, leading to a leak.
  • If you have an electric water heater, sediment can cover the heating element(s), causing the element(s) to burn-out.
  • Displaces water in the tank, meaning you don’t have as much available hot water.
  • Lowers the water heater’s efficiency, increasing your water heating bills.
  • Scaulding, trapped water under a layer of mineral deposits can become super heated, suddenly erupting (cracking open the protective layer of calcium) releasing super heated water while bathing or showering the water heater has started to recover the hot water loss at this time the layer of calcium is at a higher risk of rupture.

If you’re hearing a popping noise and you’ve never had your water heater serviced (flushed), there may be a large layer of sediment at the bottom of the tank. Flushing your water heater at this point may not remove enough mineral build-up to be safe, we recomend replacement of your water heater as soon as possible.

How to flush your water heater

You can flush your water heater tank yourself (it’s easy). Or you can call Water Heaters 4 Less and schedule a service technician to do it for you.

Here’s how to flush a water heater

  1. Get a garden hose long enough to reach a drain lower than the bottom of the water heaters drain valve or reach outside, be careful not to drain in shrubs, grass, trees as the water is very hot and can kill these plants.
  2. Next attach the garden hose to the drain valve located at the bottom of your water heater and extend the hose to discharge the water as mentioned above.
  3. Now simply open the drain valve by turning the valve handle counter clockwise (left turn), some newer water heaters now have a screw driver slot, turn same counter clockwise direction until you hear water flowing. Let the water flow under pressure for five (5) minutes ONLY, do not shut off any other valves, gas or electric.
  4. Now you are done, shut off the valve clockwise (right turn) detach the garden hose and put away for next time.

Note: Don’t be confused, you are NOT draining the water out of the tank, you are flushing the tank. By flushing the tank, water is being discharged under pressure, stirring up the accumulated minerals at the bottom of the tank and discharging that debris through the garden hose and out of the water heater.

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