Date Codes

Water heater date codes can be useful information, to determine the date when your water heater was manufactured, this information can be helpful to you or a service technician to determine if it’s still under factory warranty or knowing the age will help to determine if it has served it’s useful life and is ready to be replaced. Most water heaters in the Sacramento region last about 9-12 years

Date codes can be found usually within the serial number of your water heater. Click on this link to find your brand of water heater and how to read the date code, you can print this pdf file if needed.

Click on “Date Codes” button below to find the age of your water heater.

Follow the scale below to determine the inside condition of your water heater:

  • 8 years or younger: Your water heater is ok.
  • 9-10 years old: Some water heaters have failed at this age (usually retail box store models).
  • 11-12 years old: Usually only working at 75% efficiency may need replacing.
  • 13 years & over: Must be replaced as soon as possible.

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Typical water heater model and serial number information tag, the date code is usually in the “serial number”
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